going dark

the workshop will be going dark for the next two week, i am having some surgery and will be in bed for a bit so since i am not sure i can visit anyone that does the workshop we will come back on August 27th.

thanks everyone!



House Work 2 (Acrostic) reblogged

this is an awesome job with the HOUSE WORK Acrostic it expands on the subject and the lines continue as one single thought this is Da Bomb!


Acrostic Prompt: House Work from The Typewriter Workshop

Have you nothing better to

Occupy your time and mind

Unfulfilled dreams-things to learn

So pack up your potential

Escape from the household chores

Write the great American novel

Or take a long walk

Release your pent up passions

Kindness should start with yourself


~Melanie Blackwell

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Night (Acrostics)

here is a very orginal stlye of Acrostic, Melanie does a great job individualizing this poem style and making it her own but using it to tell some lovely short stories!


This set of Acrostic Poems  is the second of several poetry forms that  Bianca & I are collaborating on. One of us will post and then the other will respond in kind. Enjoy :)

To read Bianca’s Poem, please click HERE.

I have four submissions for your reading pleasure 🙂


Ignites the sky

Gaze at constellations

How many can you identify?

Tethered, as you are, to Earth

No light shines the shroud

I walk alone into the black

Giggling anxiously, eyes darting

Hidden horrors await behind unseen bends

To ____________

Nary a sound, hush

Inside all are sleeping

Go quickly child, run

Here is your chance

To escape into the dark night

Navy sky provides backdrop to be

Illuminated, illustrated by

Gleaming, glowing, golden



~Melanie Blackwell

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